Study Russian - continental

Study Russian as a foreign language with our highly qualified Russian language specialists, having considerable experience and post-graduate degrees.


We use one main principle in our teaching approaches – LANGUAGE FOR REAL LIFE.

Language, being a very dynamic entity, consists of different grammar aspects such as morphology, syntax, lexis, phonology, focusing on single units or parts of language, alongside with stylistics focusing on how language is used as a whole. Put together, all these aspects have one and the only unifying practical goal – COMMUNICATION.

Our tutors have this practical vision of their mission in class, so they focus on all the aspects of language, with a special priority to communicative approach, concentrating on students and encouraging both understanding and interactive communication. The students get involved in authentic, "real" situations, which makes their COMMUNICATION MEANINGFUL.

Studying Russian language with English Globus is easy and effective - for your convenience all the classes are taught in English as an intermediary language.

Tuition Prices in EUROS *

Tuition type
(any course)
LocationFee for One Academic Hour**
Group tuition
(2-6 students) afternoon classes 
At your office*** 21 euro
Group tuition
(2-6 students)
morning and evening classes 
At your office*** 24.5 euro
Individual tuition
afternoon classes 
At your office*** 27 euro
Individual tuition
morning and evening classes 
At your office*** 37 euro
Intensive Individual tuition
(3 and more 3-academic hour classes per week)
At your office*** 25 euro
Intensive group programmes
(3 and more 3-academic hour classes per week)
At your office*** 19 euro

* Paid in Russian Roubles, 1€ equals Centro bank rate.
** Please note that 1 academic hour is 45 minutes.
*** Remote location is a subject to fee reconsideration. 

Our Programmes

General Russian courses

The programme consists of three levels: starter/elementary, pre-intermediate, upper-intermediate. Every level lasts 90-140 academic hours (5 months). The course of elementary Russian represents the necessary Russian language skill for its practical use. Emphasis is made on conversation. Pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate students will get the necessary training to improve their command of both oral and written speech.

Business Russian course

The course is designed for persons who want to work in Russia, build up a company or find Russian partners. You will learn specific business vocabulary and get ready for any possible professional situation by means of practicing modeled role-plays, based on authentic situations. You will develop a sustainable skill of the Russian language, strong enough to function competently in social and job-related situations. Please note that a medium level is necessary to apply for this course (good basic grammar knowledge + about 600 words vocabulary).

Business programmes comprise the following optional topics, which can be chosen upon your request:

- Contracts (price and payment, goods delivery, goods packaging, guaranty, goods control and reception, transport and insurance)

- Russian business letters (going through customs, declaring goods and state tariffs, business transactions, requests and offers)

Recommended Intensity

We recommend you to take at least 2 or 3 lessons per week, in order to develop a stable learning skill and facilitate the immersion into the Russian language and culture. One lesson is 2 academic hours minimum (1 hour 30 minutes).



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