Текст урока английского 2

 To rise is to stand up, to get up, to get out of bed. I always rise
KJven in the morning. The pupils all rose as I came in.
[fa the sun risen already? Arc new houses rising in our town? Etc.

(перевод, догадка)

Kb this real silk or nylon? This is not nylon; it is real silk. Arkady
pr is a very good writer but that is not his real name.
What is bis real name? Who Is a real friend to you? Etc.

(перевод, контекст)

HpScboolcbildren recite poems during lessons or at a party.
Several Fjffls agreed to recite at the school party.

Whose poems do you like to recite? Have you recited any poems
Wkt school party? Etc.


There is a good choir at our school, it Are you a member of the school choir? Do you want to sing in a
Ichoir? Have you heard a choir in a concert? Etc.

(толкование, перевод)

Perform is to act in a play or film, fosing or dance. On Sundavs
I the orchestra performed in the open air. f Уои Sp to see how dogs perform for children? Etc.



Как описать театр (клуб)  провести беседу с учащимися ио картине, учитель обращается к учащимся с коротким вступительным словом примерно следующего содержания:

Мальчики и девочки

You have learned to speak about many things. But there are many other things people speak about. For example, bow they spend their free time.

You know a lot of English words already. I think you can tell English-speaking people how you go to the theatre, to concerts, to the cinema and about your interests, but that’s not all.

There are many other words and sentences. English people use them when they discuss a play or speak about what they have seen and heard at a concert. Conversations about getting theatre or cinema ticket are Important too because you always want to…


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